Wafer Biscuit Cones

Wafer Biscuit Cones are also popularly known as “Rolled Sugar Cones”, “Ice-cream cones”, “Biscuit Cones” etc. They are products used by ice cream industries to manufacture the factory filled ‘Cone Ice creams’. Suitable machinery imported from Europe and our unique recipe together allows baking the cones with minimal moisture, added strength and a longer shelf life. It also helps the cone to remain crisp for a long time. The Wafer Biscuit Cones manufactured at Big Drum India Pvt Ltd pass through various quality checks to assure this!
Chocolate Cones – to give you the extra oomph of chocolate! (Currently exports only)
Plain Cones – that compliment every flavor of ice cream!

Sleeves (Minimum Quantity Order Applies)

Sleeves are the outer cover (packaging), together with brand specific printing, which holds the ice cream filled into the Wafer Biscuit cone. International standards are followed and best quality raw material like foil paper, Poly, Adhesive and inks are procured and used in making a sleeve.
Regular Sleeves – Length of 165 mm
Smaller / Junior Sleeves - Length of 150 mm